Ketamine Infusions in Iowa


Ketamine Infusions for Mental Health

Refractory Depression



Severe or Refractory Anxiety

Iowa Ketamine Services, PLC of Cedar Rapids uses the following protocol:  0.5 mg/kg IV infusion over 40 minutes for your first infusion.  Dosage from there depends on response.  The protocol consists of 6 initial doses.  "Booster" doses depend on response.


Ketamine Infusions for Pain



Neuropathic pain

Protocol: IV ketamine infusions over 4 hours, 5 consecutive days.  Ketamine dosing depends on many factors and will be discussed at consultation.



Ketamine Infusions for Mental Health

 $425 per infusion

Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain

$1100 per infusion



Payments Accepted


Credit Card

Care Credit with 0% interest financing for 12 months

Unfortunately, we do not file insurance claims (including Medicare), but will be happy to provide you with documentation of your service so you may submit for possible reimbursement.  There is no guarantee of reimbursement.  We advise you to contact your insurance provider to see what services are covered prior to your infusions.  

Thinking of Starting Your Own Ketamine Practice?

Let my 30-page document help guide your thinking by pointing out exactly what you should be considering before making the leap.  This document goes over general things one must think about before making the decision to open a ketamine clinic.  

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